Friends of Dawley

Friends of Dawley are a group of Parents who work closely with the Academy. This page give details of communication from the Friends, with newer messages at the top of the screen.

The Friends of Dawley would like to say a big Thank you once again for your continued support and encouragement. If you would like to join The Friends of Dawley then please do come and speak to myself Nicola Hanson and I can give you some background information about what we do.  It is really informative, informal and fun but most of all rewarding when you see that we have helped the school buy new equipment, books, apparatus or funded a bus for a school trip.

  • So far this year we are busy organising an Easter Eggstravaganza on March the 30th at Dawley House.  We have yet again managed to book some fantastic stalls and some of which are Parents from our school.
  • On April the 11th we are going to be holding a coffee morning at the Academy, where we will give information about Friends of Dawley and also a chance for us to all have a catch before the Easter holidays.  After a coffee and chat we will then go to our children's classroom and enjoy some quality time doing Easter Crafts.
  • In May we are going to be setting the children a challenge by doing a "sponsored collect" there is no pressure at all for children to get lots of sponsors even £1 goes along way.  The items are ones that we find around our house or if you can't find it could they draw a picture of it.
  • On the 5th of July it's going to be our amazing Summer Fayre again we already have an ice cream van, Slush Stop, Go Walkies, Family Trees, Handmade Bags, Wooden Crafts and more who have booked tables because they have heard what a success our School Fayre is.  If you have any ideas of different things we can do please let me know.  Let's beat last year's amount raised.
  • We will also be holding events after the summer holiday.  We would love to have a Bingo night, Race night and also a Movie afternoon for our children. Please add these dates to your diary, Calendar or, like me, telephone. 

I very much look forward to your continued support and seeing you at the events. I find being on The Friends of Dawley rewarding as we are giving something back to the school where each teacher has worked extremely hard with our children and its a small way of saying "Thank you".



We have regular meetings and also keep in touch via email and discuss fund raising and what projects/items we are going to fund raise for.

We hold one big event each year which is our Summer Fayre.  For this we also get the local community involved by asking businesses to donate Raffle prizes, to advertise for us and also join us on the day!  This takes a lot of preparing but it is fun and very rewarding on the day when you see all the planning coming together.

2018 was a first for the 'Friends of Dawley'.  As stall holders enjoyed the summer event so much they were contacting us asking when and where the Christmas Fayre was going to be held.  We understand that the teachers in the Academy are incredibly busy at this busy time of year, as a team, we decided that we would 'have a go' and arrange a Christmas Fayre! To our surprise it was fantastic and enjoyed by everyone so much so that now we are going to be holding an Easter Eggtravaganza!  We will also be holding a Rock n Roll Bingo, Race Nights, Movie Nights and Pamper Nights/Days.

Your involvement in these can be as much or as little as you like, we do not pressure you. It's always great when we have somebody new join the 'Friends of Dawley' as you all have new and different ideas.

The near future is also going to see us working with The Fellowship Council. We are going to spend time with the children talking about what items they think the Academy needs that we can fund raise for.  We will then do costing and set goals to raise money for these. We are also going to have a 'Friends of Dawley' notice board so that you can see how our pot of funding is growing, dates of meetings, future events and much more!

I have been a part of Friends of Dawley since 2017 and I have really enjoyed working with the school, parents and the local community. If you wish to join us please talk to us and we will get you involved.