Year 2017-18

 We have been using the interactive screen to order numbers 1-15 correctly.

We had to help the caterpillar grown by adding the next number.

Where's the bear hiding?

We chose a bear cave numbered 1-20 to find which one the bear was hiding behind.


We went on a Dawley Bear Hunt!


"We're going on a bear hunt, We're going to catch a big one, What a chilly day! We're not scared!"


We're Going on a Bear Hunt

We retold the story using characters.


Santa came to visit Reception's class party!

Tired tired children after our panto outing!


Fun in the snow!


Our Nativity performance




Outdoor gross motor skills


We have been counting out stones and adding 1 more to find the total


We have made our own welcome posters during our RE lesson


Loose parts!

Alice used the loose parts to make her own picture.

Kassie and Jamie took on the role of teacher and pupil as they practised their counting together!


2D shape patterns!


We have been recreating patterns using 2D shapes.

 Remembrance Day

We made our own poppies, painted a poppy stone and made a poppy collage as part of our Remembrance Day activities.





We have been exploring the APP Chatterpix



We have been coding during our STEM day!

We programmed Supertato around the story map to meet his superhero friends! 




We used Purple Mash to move Little Red Riding Hood around the fairytale land!

Supertato Week

Supertato was kidnapped by Evil Pea whilst we were in our whole school worship.

We made our own superhero masks and searched for Supertato and his friends.





Exploring the outdoors!

We made a den!


Counting using five, ten and twenty frames!


Yoga in PE!




Our small world area....


Autumn colours hunt!


Reading on our new story chair...


Thank you Mr Andrews for our new mud kitchen!

We have had so much fun with it!


We have a new outdoor area!

We are so excited to start our outdoor learning with our new equipment!

Thank you to the National Lottery for the funding, Pentagon Play and Xcel Surfaces for the equipment and fitting! :-) 



Our first PE session with Mrs Mottershaw!


Practising our sound of the day by painting on the tables!


We have settled in really well to our new class and made lots of new friends!

 Here is Finn exploring our new role play area!


Exploring the interactive screen!


Academic Year 2016-17

Our visit to Hoo Farm!

Despite the rain, we had a fabulous day at Hoo Farm. We saw lots of animals!



Sports Day!



And the overall winners were...


Scuba subtraction


We have been recapping on our subtraction skills by using objects and number lines to support our learning.


Painting sea creatures

We have painted our own sea creatures for our display!


Funky Fingers octopuses!

We have decorated an octopus using a range of small resources!


Coding through our story...



Children choose Phonics!

A group of children chose to practise their phonics skills in our role  play area.


Making our own shapes!

Ethan used the sticks to make a 2D shape... "It's a house!" We talked about the shape name as a class.

Ordering hidden numbers.

We found number flags hidden in our outdoor area - we had to find them in order and then order them from 0-20.


Look what happened today... our cocoons opened!

We were lucky to see one of our butterflies emerging from their cocoon.




Exploring our new counting sticks!

"I've made a square spider!" Scarlett explained.

"It's a triangle spider" Ahmed told everyone.

Planting Sunflowers

We have been watering our Sunflower seeds and we have noticed they have started to grow!



1 more / 1 less  

The Very Hungry Caterpillar has needed help to find the numbers 1 more and 1 less

Designing our own Aliens!


Pant-astic taking away!

We are practising our taking away skills through our story 'Alien's Love Underpants!'


 Making our own number sentences!


Outdoor Learning!

We have been experimenting with our new water wall!



Easter Fun!

We met Dynamo Bunny and wrote sentences about him!

We designed new Easter eggs using a marble dipped in paint

Outdoor Learning

"Look Mr Andrews, it's me!" Gurdeep explained what he was making.


Making a Rainbow!

We used Skittles sweets and warm water to make a colour rainbow!



Meeting Elmer! :-)

We used the Green Screen with Mr Smith to meet our Elmer character!



 Watch our video here!


Making and reading CVC words

We have used the letter stamps to make new words in the playdoh!




 We have made patchwork Elmers using the weaving technique!

Lots and lots of fun :-)



We went on a 'spring  hunt' in our outdoor area!


Gurdeep, Gurdeep what can you see?


Gurdeep took his colour wheel to find matching colours!


Independent writing!

Ethan wrote monkey, lovely and cheeky to describe our picture!


Another busy week... we have been practising our CVC word building skills!


We celebrated Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday



World Book Day 2017

We dressed up as characters from 'Each Peach Pear Plum'


Valentines day!

Neve wrote a Valentines Day card for her mom.



Mia took her green heart to the park to find something she loved in God's world!


Crime Scene!

We had a mystery visitor who left a mess in our classroom and outside! 

We became detectives to solve the mystery.



We measured the mystery footprints and compared our fingerprints!




Mouse Addition!

We have made our own addition number sentences to add two sets of beads together on the tail!


Internet Safety Day!

We watched the story of Smartie the Penguin on our interactive screen.

We painted our own pictures of Smartie to help remember how to stay safe online.



We investigated the safe games on our IPADS that we can use in our maths learning.



We won a visit from Arthur Attendance!

 Arthur came with us to PE this week! He loved using the hoops!



Maths fun - adding groups together!


Chinese New Year!


We had lots of fun investigating Chinese New Year!

We made money envelopes, painted with chopsticks and made lanterns.

In the afternoon we had a Chinese banquet where we tasted a range of foods!



We've been making 'oo' words this week and writing a list of what words we made!

Football skills!


Look at our phonics practise!



 We have helped the dragon find his doughnuts in our outdoor area!


  Transient dragon art!


We have used a range of resources to make our own dragons!

Each dragon was different, a range of features and was unique to our pupils.


Maths skills

We have been using our new board to enhance our Maths skills this week.


Painting dragons!


"Look at my castle!"

Amelia worked so hard to balance her castle towers on top of each other.

She persisted with her task until she was happy with it - what a fabulous castle!


Our new topic is 'Do Dragon's exist?'

Today we made our own Dragon's dens... do you think they liked them?



Christmas prop selfies!

We had fun with the Christmas props today and took photos of each other!



Christmas Party!

We have danced and played lots of games during our class party!


We have been painting in the style of Jackson Pollock to made our calendars!


Letter formation in snow!

Jacob practised 'J' for his name.


The Jolly Christmas Post Office!

Our new role play area is a post office.

We are getting ready for Christmas, writing cards and weighing presents!


Independent Writing!

Autumn has been practising her independent writing during our morning session.

She has put her sound buttons under her letters!


Severn Trent Water visit.

We sat in the mini digger! It was fabulous!

We listened carefully to how water pipes are fixed when they break!

Funky Fingers!

We have used the tweezers to collect and cover the owl templates with pom poms!


Children In Need 2016 

During our Children In Need day, we looked at sorting Pudsey Bear pictures by which had the most spots!


We wore spots to school to help raise money for Children In Need!

Water week - Our foundation pupils worked together to investigate capacity.



 Bonfire night and it's celebrations!

We made our own 'exploding fireworks' using milk and food colouring on a plate!


We have focused on the celebration of Diwali. We have made clay Diya's using our hands!


To help us focus on fire safety ahead of Bonfire Night, we have a fire station role play area!


We have been using some spooky props to practise our camera skills!



After listening to 'The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza'  we made our own!