Year Six


Academic Year 2017-18


STEM Day! The children enjoyed designing and constructing bridges.



Year 6 have used a green-screen to create film trailers for their mystery stories.


 Year Six have been working hard at writing their own mystery stories.

Rugby fun during PE



The children have completed their Picasso inspired art work.


Academic Year 2016-17




Year Six enjoying Sports Day



Year 6 beginning to rehearse 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.


Year 6 taking part in the Park Run.


The children have been developing their ability to use coordinates through orienteering.


Having fun at the park, celebrating the end of SATs.



The children enjoying a game of tennis in the park.


Year 6 took part in the Dawley Art Project.


Year 6 taking part in the STAR programme.



World Book Day!

The children playing detective, putting the clues together to solve the mystery of the mysterious person living in the tent.


The children have been learning how to estimate and measure capacity.


This week, the children have finished painting their English Civil War style portraits.


This week Year 6 visited a mosque in Craven Arms.


In Year 6 the children have been learning how to draw a portrait.



In Year 6 the children have enjoyed making Christmas baubles.



In Science the children demonstrated how light travels.