Year Three

Academic Year 2017-18

We have been reading, retelling, acting and writing the legend of St George and the Dragon.

We had an energetic Sports Relief Day

We shared books with Year 2  dressed as our book characters.

Did you see Super heroes galore zooming around the park on Friday?


As part of our cross curricular learning, we became E Safety heroes keeping our class mates safe and then went on to use our photographs to produce graphic  text posters.

We have been watching the developments at Dawley park during our daily run.

Our visiting firefighters, who are local heroes, gave us lots of safety information.



Christmas jumpers galore in Year 3- dressed just right for our wintery, festive sing in the High Street.


The Shelf Elves have been up to all sorts while we popped out of class!


We used the Dawley Mindset and great team work to create our edible Christmas trees with Mrs Scaife.


After lots of practice, we sang at Southwater beautifully despite the cold.

The audience loved it and we were so good, some of us were even interviewed for Shropshire Radio.

Year 3 and 4 Gym Club warming up


On Thursday, we walked to Ironbridge as part of our topic to see the world's first bridge made of iron. On the way, we looked for lots of present day uses of metal. By the end of the day , we had walked a total of 17kmwhich is just over 26,000 steps!




We won the attendance award again!


Look at how fantastic our tiles look mounted into a cross for our classroom window.


What a fantastic day we had on Thursday taking part in all the STEM activities.

Who knows what jobs we might do in the future using science, technology, engineering or maths.

We were really pleased when we got our glazed tiles back. Look out for our cross in our classroom window soon.



After cooking and organising on Thursday using our reading skills to follow the recipes and our maths skills to measure accurately; we hosted a very successful Macmillan Coffee morning.

Afterwards we estimated the amount we had raised. Then we sorted organised all the money so we could count up the amount we had raised. This involved the Dawley Mindset with team work, perseverance and taking on a difficult challenge.

We were thrilled to find out we had raised £268.01!


We spent some time in the park as part of our RE learning. We found numerous things to help us appreciate God's amazing creation.


We are pleased to get the attendance award and we took Abby running with us and to enjoy our class reward for an excellent start to Year 3.


Year 3 are the school running class now. Everyone was keen to get running.




Academic Year 2016-17


Our Roman Play

Year 3 were AMAZING!!!!



We have enjoyed learning about our 'Extreme Earth'

Recreating layers of soil

Making volcanoes erupts

Year 3 have loved their swimming experience over the last 3 weeks.  


Lots of work on reading scales and calculating capacity has been happening in Year 3


We have been calculating perimeter.


Here are a few of our Volcano acrostic poems we have enjoyed writing this week





We are now Roman experts. Next term we will continue learning more about Volcanoes in our new topic Extreme Earth



Learning about magnets with Doctor Green

Another week with Arthur Attendance. Well done Year 3

Year 3 having an amazing time flying rockets with help from STEAM



Celebrating Red Nose Day!



Making Roman jewellery 




Year 3 had a great time pretending to be characters from Horrid Henry stories.

Year 3's very own Horrid Henry, Moody Margaret and Perfect Peter enjoying their favourite Horrid Henry books.


This week we have been writing based on the mysterious camp that appeared in the school grounds.


Year Three have been enjoying learning about the Romans. Look at this amazing shield that has been made.

We have been looking at Roman numerals and made some Roman coins


This week has been e-safety day, we have enjoyed watching advice videos featuring Alfie, Ella and Magnus.

We now know how we can stay safer on-line.


Look at our lovely natural artwork based on Andrew Goldsworthy


Great Science on work on 'Forces' using Newton meters

Year Three loving reading aloud to one another. We think books are brilliant!

Year three using ICT to really help them with their Maths learning.




Outdoor Learning with Mrs Allard, learning about compass points


Well done Year Three for making it up the Wrekin!