Mrs Helmsley is our French teacher, who works in Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 each week.

Year 2 are learning with some cat characters!

The characters are an English cat called Marvin and his friend a french cat called Loulou. This week Marvin and loulou visit Amelie who is a little french kitten. Amelie is not very well she is ill  - ca va mal . Marvin remembers how to say hello and to ask how are you? Bonjour, ca va? The children in year 2 have remembered how to say all four feelings, ca va bien merci, comme ci, comme ca , come ca, ca ne va pas and ca va mal.


Year 3 are learning all about family members. They have learnt the names of different family members and are able to introduce members of their own family. This week they will be looking at animal family members and learning the correct masculine and feminine words and spellings for them.


Year 4, 5 & 6 are learning about the different weather phrases. At the end of this half term they will be doing a presentation of the weather la meteo to the fellow class members, they will be working in groups to do their presentation. At the end of their weather forecast they will be asking the viewers questions in French, quel temps fait-il a Leon? The viewers must answer the questions in French.


Year 6 booster group - Tricolore!

Each Thursday afternoon the booster group for year 6 concentrates on french listening and speaking skills. These children are working at a year 7 level and are mastering their speaking and listening skills. They are also looking more at the masculine and feminine words and the verbs avoir and etre.