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The Computing curriculum is made up of 3 elements Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy.

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Here are our top ideas for you to try out at home.
1. Using a Bee Bot to learn about directions and distances. There is a free iPad app to download and a 69p app that is about pyramids. You can also program a robot called A.L.E.X. to move to a target position using a free iPad app.
2. Design a game using this free BBC site that you can then share. You can use the game toolkit to make tricky challenges for your friends to play
3. Programming a dinosaur to jump, move and change size. This is a free iPad app that allows you to touch the screen and shake the ipad to control the dinosaur.
4. Putting instructions in the correct order to create a simple computer program. You can try out activities for Year 1 – 6 from J2Code
5. Putting instructions in the correct order to complete a task succesfully. For example, making a sandwich, crossing the road, brushing your teach and making some biscuits. This is called an algorithm.
6. Complete an hour of code by using a sequence of simple instructions. Hour of Code
7. Create your own interactive stories, games, and animations using a free online program calledScratch. You can also download a free copy.
8. Create your own 3D world using a free programme called Kodu. A version for the Xbox costs £4.99