History is the study of the past - the last 6,000 years, approximately, from the first evidence of human writing. Anything before this is known as prehistory. History is a story, but historians use many key skills in the study of it. It can transport us to the past, to another world; it can help us to understand the present and make better choices for the future.


At Dawley C of E Academy, we believe that it is important that children acquire a secure historical knowledge and an understanding of how the past has shaped the present.  We deliver engaging history lessons which enable the children to explore the past and develop an awareness of how their own identity has had an impact on civilisation.  We provide the opportunity to discover how people and events have shaped this nation and how Britain has been influenced by the wider world.  Our aim is to inspire a love of history and encourage our pupils to become critical thinkers who are able to explore a historical line of enquiry.



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