Science at Dawley C of E Primary Academy encourages children to develop a questioning and inquisitive mind. They develop deep understanding of the world around them, the impact they have on the environment and the importance of influences on our own personal lives.  Our children are encouraged to be inquisitive, ask questions and use a range of resources to research, investigate and explore the potential answers. Children will gain a life-long interest in Science.

Children are encouraged to become independent and responsible learners, developing their investigative skills through practical enquires in a safe environment. A key focus of our curriculum offer is to encourage children to explore their own ideas within each curriculum area and within Science to investigate and evaluate their own questions. We believe that this provides children with a deeper understanding of the key concepts and allows opportunities correct misconceptions.


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 Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

 Science Policy  Skills and Vocabulary Progression Grid Long Term Plan for Science

 Principles of Science Learning KS1 

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Principles of Science Learning

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