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The Dawley Curriculum

Curriculum is at the heart of our Academy – it is an individual journey for each child and many will take their own individualised route. Our enriched curriculum affords children the entitlement of experiential, understanding, life-long skills and memories, which they learn and develop from. We pride ourselves in offering all children the chance to succeed and one size does not fit all.


We provide rich, meaningful and memorable learning through a wide range of experiences to enhance engagement and understanding.


Reading, writing, and maths are still very important to us, but we know children will benefit much more from a curriculum with exposure to meaningful experiences of the wider curriculum to further enhance their reading, writing and maths skills and also help to make them ready for the real world.


Our entire curriculum, vision and ethos are underpinned by our Dawley Mindset, based on perseverance, resilience, self-motivation and self-awareness. These are further supported by our core values of Peace, Love, Hope and Trust. This ethos runs through the Academy and sets children up with the ability to overcome the challenges for not only school life, but real life.

Yearly Curriculum Overviews


 EYFS Nursery EYFS Reception  Years 1/2  Years 3/4  Years 5/6 

  Spring 2019 Curriculum Overviews

Nursery  EYFS Reception Years 1/2   Years 3/4 Years 5/6 
Spring 2019 Homework    
Nursery EYFS Reception Years 1/2  Years 3/4 Years 5/6
   Autumn 2018 Curriculum Overview  
 EYFS Nursery  EYFS Reception Years 1/2   Years 3/4  Years 5/6
 Autumn 2018 Homework
Nursery Homework  Reception Homework  Years 1/2 Homework  Years 3/4 Homework  Year 5 / 6 Homework 
2017-2018 Curriculum Information        
   Nursery  Reception Year 1   Year 2  Year 3 Year 4   Year 5 Year 6 
Spring EYFS Nursery Curriculum Plan Year 2 Curriculum Plan
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