Class W (Year 3/4)


Academic Year 2018-2019

Our Class W spelling champions before we go into battle .


We are all working hard in learning and practising our words for the Spelling Bee Competition this week.

We all brought in a Teddy today.

All creatures great and small enjoyed our park run today.



After harvesting the rowan berries and crab apples on our woodland trip, we successfully made them into delicious jelly.


In science, we compared the viscosity of different temperature honey by racing running honey!


We had a brilliantly well supported MacMillan Coffee Morning

We raised an amazing £292 with Class L!


Come and read our fantastic comments from our guests collected by Ruby.


Clare Norton: Lovely friendly staff. Very good service and lovely cakes!


Sam Smout:Works are very good staff and very cute staff.


Katy Wittington:Great service in the cafe. Thank you.


Emma Waisgrove:Brilliant service with a smile. Thank you.


Terri Evans: Loved it, well done to Year 3/4 for putting on a lovely cake and coffee morning.


Mrs. Emmileen Jones: Thank you for a lovely coffee morning, the cakes are wonderful!


Helen - Amy’s mum: This café is very nice. The tea is very tasty and the cakes are so nice.


Karen Child: I think the café is really good and it’s nice that lots of people turned up.


Carrie Smart: The café is lovely with lots of smiley faces beautiful cake and great service.


Shenade Apsley: Great atmosphere and brilliant waiters, all polite.


Sarah Green: Great waiters/waitresses and great cake!


Kate (Finaly’s Mum): The café is fantastic!


Dylans Mum: The service was fantastic!


Libby Duce: The coffee was yummy and hot. The cakes were all delicious and the staff were amazing at helping everyone.


Lynsey Oliver: The coffee and cake was really nice and the children were amazing at taking orders off parents.


Lorna and Matt Worthington: The service is amazing, very friendly.




Cooking for the MacMillan coffee morning tomorrow.


Some of our Bee Day activities.

Making bee hotels.

We had great fun making up our own waggle dances.

We swarmed into the park for our daily e run.

What a busy week!


A bees-y start to our learning!


Academic Year 2017-18 















 Today was Children in Need day! We have created some Pudsey masks as a class…  I wonder who this is showing their masks off to Mr Andrews?





 This week in Science we have been exploring sound. We created our own string cups to investigate how sound can travel along the string.





Wow!!! We managed to get 100% in our attendance this week.

Guess what that means?..

Here is Arthur joining in with our biography writing.


 In our first week back at school we have been enjoying our new tranquil addition to the class... a reading corner!