Class Y (Year 1/2)

Academic Year 2018-19





Academic Year 2017-18

 In year 1 we are taught by Mrs Houlston and Mrs Hampton

Every week Year 5 come and read with us. The children love being read to by the older children and like it even more when they can read a story to the older children. Look at how much fun we have!


As part of our topic 'Castles' we have been looking at a piece of art 'Castle in the sun' by artist Paul Klee. His work involved mixing primary colours and using basic 2D shapes. Here is our attempt.

Today in Maths we were asked a series of questions based upon some pictures. We then had to answer with yes or no and explain our reasons for this. Even Abbie attendance joined in.

On Wednesday 13th September we visited Warwick Castle - check out our video below:


Below are some photos of some of the exciting things we have done so far since the beginning of term.