Dawley CE Primary Academy Information Report 2018-2019
Our SEN information Report will be updated annually to reflect changes and plans within our school. The report states the current provision within Dawley C of E Primary Academy.
At our school there are a variety of special educational needs which we provide for. We currently have 62 (31%) children on our SEN register 5 of these have an EHCP.  The different groups of needs are shown below-
13% (8) have social, emotional and mental health needs
23%  (13) have speech/language/ communication needs
45% (28) have moderate learning difficulties
2% (1) have hearing difficulties
5% (3) have autistic spectrum disorder
3% (2) physical difficulties
2% (1) visual impairment
10% (6) other difficulty
For more information, please select the year group which relates to your child:



Specific Needs and Agencies

Academy staff regularly assess, review and monitor all children’s progress. Children whose progress is of concern will be identified for additional support through planned Interventions and SMART targets. They may also be referred to an appropriate outside agency: Educational Psychology; Speech Therapy; Occupational Therapy and Learning Support; Behaviour Support, with the permission of parents.  Our Academy staff work closely with outside agencies completing a range of CPD updates and training.

Where children have additional needs they will be supported in accessing the full curriculum via quality first teaching. This may be by removing barriers to their learning, providing specific equipment to improve their access to the curriculum, ensuring teaching and support staff are trained to meet their needs, and/or identifying a level of adult support considered appropriate to support their additional needs and ensure progress is being made at an acceptable rate in relation to their starting point.

If concerns about progress still remain over a period of time or resources used in support have been exhausted, the school may request additional funding or an EHCP by the Local Authority.

Individual risk assessments are carried out where appropriate to ensure the safety of children with additional needs. 


Creative Curriculum

Where children have additional needs they will be supported in accessing the full curriculum through specialist equipment, interventions and first quality teaching. To meet the children’s differing learning styles, the curriculum is planned to be multi-sensory and creative to allow all children to succeed.



We pride ourselves on being an Academy which actively seeks to be fully accessible. We have wheel chair accessible for pupils and parents in parts of the Academy enabling as much independent access around the building as possible.

A Disabled toilet is located along the EYFS / Key Stage One Corridor.

Some playground areas are accessible.

All classes are fitted with window blinds and carpets to improve access for children with sensory needs.



We aim to support pupils with additional needs who join our Academy either at the beginning of the year or during the academic year to make a successful transition. Where a child is starting our Academy with an EHCP, the Academy works together with the Local Authority and current setting to ensure a positive transition is achieved for the child and parents.

We aim to work in positive partnership with all other settings and agencies involved in a child’s transition planning. 


Pupil Voice

Two representatives are elected onto the Academy Fellowship Council from Year 2- Year 6. Pupils are encouraged to share their ideas to improve school life, facilities, systems and resources. We actively seek children’s views and consider how to implement improvements arising from their feedback.

Circle Time happens across all of our classrooms and is an opportunity for children to share their ideas with their class mates. This activity may be incorporated for any subject but will occur regularly.


Parent Voice

Parents are regularly informed of events within the Academy through our weekly Dawley Newsletter, Website and social media. Staff offer an open door policy for parents to share essential information quickly at the start of each day. Longer opportunities to share information or for specific discussion can usually be accommodated at the end of the day or by prior appointment.


Training and Qualifications

The staff at Dawley Primary Academy have personal experience of working with lots of different children with complex medical, physical and sensory needs as well as specific learning and behavioural needs.

 Across our current staff team we offer a wide variety of skills and training in the following areas:

·    Child Protection and Safeguarding

·    First Aid

·    Epi-pen training

·    Asthma

·    Management of Diabetes

·    Catheter support

·    Bereavement training

·    Counselling

·    Brain training/ Brain gym

·    Behaviour management

·    Non Crisis Intervention / Restraint course

·    Dyslexia

·    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

·    Autistic Spectrum Disorder

·    Elkan Training

·    ·    Sensory Inclusion Hearing Impairment training

·    Sensory Inclusion Vision Impairment training

·    Manual Handling

·    Cool kids Occupational Therapy training

·    Handwriting Support

.    Precision Teaching



The Academy has a large Support Staff Team who work closely with the class teachers to identify concerns and develop strategies for supporting pupils either in small groups or working one to one.

Children needing additional support within maths, reading and/or writing are identified by the class teachers, SENCo, Senior Leadership Team or the Principal. If parents have a concern they are welcome to discuss this at any time initially with the class teacher and then with the SENCo or Principal.

The provides any specific equipment that the children may need to support their learning e.g. writing slopes, a variety of pencils and pens, different types of scissors, wobble cushion and different coloured overlays.



See our Academy SEN policy for more information.

There is further detail and links to the local offer on the family Connect pages on Telford and wrekin’s website –
If you have any queries or requests for policies or information relating to this report please contact the SENCO via our office on 01952 386280