Academy Fellowship Council (our School Council)

We are the Fellowship Council and we are acting as a voice for pupils, from Nursery to Year 6.  We also promote the values of our Academy which are love, hope, peace and trust.  We will encourage people to make friends and ensure you will have these friends throughout your time at our Academy.

The members of the Fellowship Council are:

Ruby - Year 6 - Class D

Preston - Year 5 - Class D

Ewurama - Year 5 - Class D

Lily - Year 6 - Class A

Mia - Year 6 - Class A

Tawana - Year 6 - Class A

Kimmi - Year 4 - Class W

Steven - Year 3 - Class W

Josh - Year 4 - Class L

Victoria - Year 3 - Class L

So far this year we have:

  • Delivered an assembly
  • Created a new logo and prefect badges
  • listened to ideas from children regarding: clubs; activities; equipment and things around the Academy

We delivered the assembly to introduce ourselves, created a new logo for prefect badges so that the pupils of our Academy know who we are.  We have also listened to children's ideas for clubs, activities, equipment and new resources for the Academy.

We will continue to make positive changes throughout the year.