Academy Fellowship Council (our School Council)

We are the Fellowship Council and we are acting as a voice for pupils, from Nursery to Year 6.  We also promote the values of our Academy which are love, hope, peace and trust.  We will encourage people to make friends and ensure you will have these friends throughout your time at our Academy.  Ms McMullan helps with the Fellowship Council, ensuring they meet regularly and have a voice in the Academy.

House Captains for 2023/24:

LOVE: Billy  B and Emma C

PEACE: Nathan E and Ciara IP

HOPE: Niall G and Lillie-Mae T

TRUST: Chelsea P and Amelia G



So far projects they have run have been:


We have worked with Mr Smith from AmazingICT to produce a range of online safety videos.

Click here to go to our online safety page.


Anti-Bullying Week – Odd Socks Day – all children wore odd socks and celebrated difference.


Attendance at the Cenotaph in Dawley Park with Dawley Town Council


Council members have also met with Ms McMullan to discuss ideas.