Our Classes and Structure

A day in the life of Dawley 



Academic Year 2021-2022

Class and Academy Organisation


Non-Teaching Staff   
 Mr Andrews   Principal
  Mrs Houlston

 Vice Principal

(SENCO; DSL; Maths Lead)

Mrs Jones Business Manager
  Mrs Cartwright  Administrator
  Ms Muir Administrative Assistant
NURSERY Mrs Rusted (Nursery Lead)

Mrs Norton

Mrs Selvey


Mrs Astill-Evans

(EYFS Lead)

Miss Turner

Class Y

Year 1

Miss Coutts

Miss Beechey

Class E

Year 2

Miss Tidman

Mrs Hampton

Miss Devey

Class L

Year 3

Ms McMullan

Miss Harris

Miss Robinson

Class W

Year 4

Mrs Brocklehurst (Mon-Thurs)

Mrs Hampton (Friday)

Mrs Middleton

Class A

Year 5

Miss Woodhouse

Mrs France

Class D

Year 6

Miss Ferris

Mrs Beechey

Mr Fallon


Mrs Beechey (Learning Mentor) 

Mr Fallon

Mrs Watton



Miss Beechey

Mrs Middleton

Mrs Watton

Mrs Hampton

Mrs Beechey

Miss Griffiths

Mrs France

Miss Turner

Mrs Norton


Madame Hemsley 



Mr Fallon

 Nurture and Sports Coach

 Lunchtime Supervisors


Miss Muir 

Senior Supervisor 


 Mrs Clinton



 Mrs Lewis



  Mrs Taylor


  Mrs Singh



Ms Devey





 All Academy staff have had non-physical intervention training (MAPA);

all Academy staff have level 1 first aid training.