Curriculum at Dawley

The Dawley Curriculum is based on the pedagogical belief that experiences are as important as a formally taught curriculum. The experience of being at Dawley means children constantly learn through their experiences and these focus on developing behaviours, perspectives and attitudes, allowing children to develop opinions and ideas. The fundamental values and beliefs of the Academy: Peace; Love; Hope; Trust and the underpinning principles behind The Dawley Mindset ensure that all children have the same transmission of these ideologies through their individual journeys at Dawley. Children at Dawley learn to respect other people’s opinions, respect authority, the importance of punctuality, having a work ethic, determination to succeed, aspire to achieve and contribute to their community (this is not an exhaustive list). These experiences are taught informally, in addition to the guidance of the National Curriculum.Each subject is reviewed in accordance with the expections of its own assessment criteria.


Curriculum is at the heart of our Academy – it is an individual journey for each child and many will take their own individualised route. Our enriched curriculum affords children the entitlement of experiential, understanding, life-long skills and memories, which they learn and develop from. We pride ourselves in offering all children the chance to succeed and one size does not fit all.


We provide rich, meaningful and memorable learning through a wide range of experiences to enhance engagement and understanding.


Reading, writing, and maths are still very important to us, and we know children will benefit much more from a curriculum with exposure to meaningful experiences of the wider curriculum to further enhance their reading, writing and maths skills and also help to make them ready for the real world.


Our entire curriculum, vision and ethos are underpinned by our Dawley Mindset, based on perseverance, resilience, self-motivation and self-awareness. These are further supported by our core values of Peace, Love, Hope and Trust. This ethos runs through the Academy and sets children up with the ability to overcome the challenges for not only school life, but real life.



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