Getting ready for SATs

It is never too early to begin to prepare for SATs. Look at the information below for ideas!

In May the children in Year 6 will take their SATs.  Throughout the year they will be supported by the adults in their class.  In support of this we ask that parents/carers also help with the child's learning.

We hope you find the resources useful.  If you want any additional information or have any questions at all – just contact any member of the year 5/6 team who will be happy to help.


Check out our SPAG Revision Guide - SPAG Revision Guide


Useful websites:

BBC Bitsize -

Past SATs papers -



As part of the SPAG test, the children will need to complete a spelling test. This will include 20 words, the words will follow a range of different spelling patterns and rules. Children will be looking at some of the spelling rules they may come across in the test. Listed below are some useful websites to visit to help your child revise the different spelling rules and give them top tips for remembering the spelling of some tricky words: