Online Safety

The world of technology changes daily and our pupils are growing up in an increasingly more technological world.

We need to ensure that our pupils are safe online.

Click here for our Online Safety Policy

The development of the internet has opened up a whole new world of endless possibilities for research, friendship and knowledge all the press of a button.

Unfortunately, it has also opened up the possibility of our pupils being contacted by people that they do not know, who maybe older than them etc. Through our teaching of IT in the curriculum and Online Safety awareness days, we hope to empower both our pupils and parents to talk more openly about their experiences online.



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Gaming safety

Please click on the links below to activities you can do at home with your child/ren about staying safe whilst using gaming platforms.


Years 1-2

Years 3-5

Year 6+

Supporting video for parents

Parental control booklet


Age limits for apps and games are really important as they protect our children from inappropriate content -

please click here for a social media age list


Online safety update from Richard Smith (June 2020) - please click here for the update


Parent Guides on Various Online Media (click name to access and download)

10 Tips Safe Online

Be Kind Disney+

Express Themselves

Messenger Facebook Games Consoles Fortnite

 Hidden Photo Apps

Instagram Minecraft


Netflix Parent Conrols - Android Parent Controls - iPhone Playstation 5
Roblox  Screen Addiction Screen Grabs Sexting  Snapchat Streaming TikTok   Trolling
Video Streaming WhatsApp XBox One XBox Series X S Youtube      
Advice for parents - what to do if your child sees something upsetting online

 Below are some links to Online Safety websites that can provide support to parents and pupils:Image result for ceop button logo


Internet matters



Buddy’s ‘Use Your Tablet Safely’ Song

(Sung to the tune of Frère Jacques)

Ask your grown-up,

Ask your grown-up,

Ask for help!

Ask for help!

Use your tablet safely,

Use your tablet safely,

Woof, woof, woof!

Woof, woof, woof!