Class C Reception

Academic Year 2018-19







We have been trying to catch the stars in the sky!


Exploring our curiosity bowl!

We followed the instructions to make chocolate cup cakes!



We have been drawing Numberblocks on our interactive screen.


 We have used the Chatterpix APP to record our ideas about our favourite Numberblock!


Our Remembrance wall....


Exploring Number 4

How many ways can we make 4?

Practising tricky super words on the interactive screen

Bonfire night loose part pictures!


As the Invictus games begin... we have been exploring the challenges others may face.



 We invited our mums and dads in for lunch this week.


We have been exploring number 2 and representing it in different ways.

We have been exploring numicon and the balancing scales


Yoga time!

We met Mel Clarke the Paralympian.

Amelia-Rose carried the Olympic torch!


We have had a visit from Evil Pea - he took and hid Supertato and all of his friends!



We've had a fabulous morning with Tony Wilson. We have been developing our own stories!



We have been exploring our mud kitchen.


We have looking after David our snail.


We have been settling into our new class and exploring our new learning areas.



We are now staying all day and having lunch at school.


Academic year 2017-18 

Sports Day!



To complete our Silver award from the RSBP Wild Challenge... we have been thinking about animal homes!


We visited Scotty's Donkey and Animal Farm...

We had lots of excited and eager pupils!

We fed the animals during our guided tour of the park.

The goats were our favourite animal! 

Our pupils want to read 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' next! :-)


We invited our dads in for a Father's Day breakfast...




This week we have been on a minibeast hunt for our Silver challenge.




We are completing more challenges towards our Silver RSPB Wild Challenge award...


We have been identifying flowers in our local area.


We have changed our timetable to include a maths focus hour...

Here is Harry completing the number sequence independently.


We have explored outdoor cooking.




This week we have been den building for Supertato! 



This week we have been estimating!

Our favourite was estimating how many marshmallows were in the tub!



Reading our books to Norma the dog!

We have been ordering magnetic numbers 


 We have been exploring the number of faces on 3D shapes!


Our new class pet!

David, the Giant African Landsnail, has joined our class!

We have spent a lot of time looking closely at him and making observations!


Over the Easter holidays, a robin has been and laid her eggs...

We now have 5 baby robins in our outdoor water tap!


Easter sharing! We have investigated sharing the Easter bunny's carrots and eggs!



British Values day - we have been thinking about respect and how each of us are different but we are all equal in the Dawley family.

Macy made a funny face and compared it to hers to identify the differences.



Sports Relief - we have stepped up and taken part in a range of activities to help raise money for children in this country and abroad.



Science week - we have explored colour mixing, sounds and recording them using the Kezzy app.




We invited our mum's in for afternoon tea for Mother's Day!


We are starting our new topic of It's A Bugs Life.

Brodie has made a model of a caterpillar.

"It was a hungry caterpillar!"


PE - We have been  using the ladders in PE


World Book Day

Year 5 pupils came to read books with us on World Book Day


Gung Hey Fat Choi

We went to the Chinese Centre for Arts and Culture to learn about Chinese New Year.


It's a Gruffalo!

We designed our own monsters!

We have painted using mud around the tree!

How can we move the balls?


Fabulous team games in PE


Combining our football and team games skills!


 Measuring Dinosaurs!

We have been measuring dinosaurs using a footprint ruler

We have been investigating numbers


We have been working with our class dinosaur Rex!



 We have been using the interactive screen to order numbers 1-15 correctly.

We had to help the caterpillar grow by adding the next number.

Where's the bear hiding?

We chose a bear cave numbered 1-20 to find which one the bear was hiding behind.


We went on a Dawley Bear Hunt!


"We're going on a bear hunt, We're going to catch a big one, What a chilly day! We're not scared!"


We're Going on a Bear Hunt

We retold the story using characters.


Santa came to visit Reception's class party!

Tired tired children after our panto outing!


Fun in the snow!


Our Nativity performance




Outdoor gross motor skills


We have been counting out stones and adding 1 more to find the total


We have made our own welcome posters during our RE lesson


Loose parts!

Alice used the loose parts to make her own picture.

Kassie and Jamie took on the role of teacher and pupil as they practised their counting together!


2D shape patterns!


We have been recreating patterns using 2D shapes.

 Remembrance Day

We made our own poppies, painted a poppy stone and made a poppy collage as part of our Remembrance Day activities.





We have been exploring the APP Chatterpix



We have been coding during our STEM day!

We programmed Supertato around the story map to meet his superhero friends! 




We used Purple Mash to move Little Red Riding Hood around the fairytale land!

Supertato Week

Supertato was kidnapped by Evil Pea whilst we were in our whole school worship.

We made our own superhero masks and searched for Supertato and his friends.





Exploring the outdoors!

We made a den!


Counting using five, ten and twenty frames!


Yoga in PE!




Our small world area....


Autumn colours hunt!


Reading on our new story chair...


Thank you Mr Andrews for our new mud kitchen!

We have had so much fun with it!


We have a new outdoor area!

We are so excited to start our outdoor learning with our new equipment!

Thank you to the National Lottery for the funding, Pentagon Play and Xcel Surfaces for the equipment and fitting! :-) 



Our first PE session with Mrs Mottershaw!


Practising our sound of the day by painting on the tables!


We have settled in really well to our new class and made lots of new friends!

 Here is Finn exploring our new role play area!


Exploring the interactive screen!