At Dawley C of E Primary Academy, we believe that a quality musical education is important for all our children, offering them the opportunity to develop skills in not only musical performance, theory and composition, but also enhancing other skills such as: increased memory skills; perseverance and a sense of achievement, improved coordination; improved maths skills; improved reading and comprehension skills; an enhanced ability to self-express and improved listening skills.

We want every child at our Academy to access a broad and rich curriculum with opportunities to dive into a cultural and heritage-rich ethos.

It is our view that every child in the Academy should receive specific instrument lessons, as well as Theory of Music and a good knowledge of musical history.

 To promote performance not only in the classroom but also in the wider community, Dawley Academy takes part in a variety of events such as: 

Academy Choir – Singing at community events.

Year 5  - The Music Partnership - Recorder Festival 2022 – Thursday 31st March

Year 4 – Telford Sings with Music Share – Performance on 1st March.


Our intent is that by the end of Year 6, every child will be able to:

  • work as part of an ensemble/band adding direction and ideas.

  • create interesting melodies with instrument and voice.

  • play a tune on a tuned instrument.

  • understand the importance of warming up their voice, good posture, enunciation and breathing.

  • use musical vocabulary confidently and competently when discussing music and my feelings towards it.

  • confidently recognise/identify different style indicators and different instruments and their sounds.

  • know that music can be written as notation and recognise some notes and markings.

  • use interrelated dimensions of music when composing/improvising (e.g. dynamics, pitch, tempo, timbre).


Skills Progression Ladder

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Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement Music Policy 
  Skills Progression Ladder Music Overview 
  History of Music
Y1 Music Assessment  Y2 Music Assessment
 Y3 Music Assessment  Y4 Music Assessment
 Y5 Music Assessment Y6 Music Assessment