We use Ruth Miskin RWI phonics to develop our children in the EYFS and KS1, supplying our learners with the solid foundations for word reading and spelling.  Children use their Fred Fingers to plan sentences as their writing skills progress, and reading books are phonetically accessible too.  Phonics is a daily lesson, taught in appropriate groupings by RWI trained teachers and TAs, giving our children opportunities to learn tricky words and their phonemes and graphemes, as well as Get Writing opportunities.

RWI and phonics support in Nursery

This academic year we are implementing RWI in our Nursery setting, following guidance from our RWI advisor and ensuring that our children will have a secure basis for their RWI learning when they enter EYFS in September.  Spoken language underpins all seven areas of learning and development in the Early Learning Goals.  Reading aloud, talking to children and teaching children poems and songs are found to diminish gaps children might have when entering nursery.  In our Nursery, we talk a lot, sing a lot and read a lot!

RWI phonics will be implemented in the Summer term to strengthen these foundations, supporting our Nursery children to say the sounds of letters with the help of mnemonics, blend sounds into words and read simple 'blending books'.




Here is a parent's guide to Read Write Inc. (the phonics program we follow at the Academy)Parent Guide to RWI
We want to help all our children to be successful readers who love reading. In order to decode (read) words children are taught through a systematic phonic approach using the Read, Write, inc programme. We hope that the information on this page will help you to understand our way of delivering phonics, and give you ideas for how you can help at home. If you have any questions about phonics at Dawley, please speak to your child’s class teacher.
Read Write Inc Phonics is an inclusive Literacy programme for all children learning to read from Foundation Stage.
Read Write Inc. Phonics is a comprehensive literacy programme designed to get all of your infants reading and writing quickly. Importantly, phonics is not taught in isolation.
·    Initial and on-going assessment tracks every child’s progress
·    Children are grouped by ability so they learn rapidly at the right level
·    Partner work means every child participates in the whole lesson
Link to: ‘How phonics is taught’
Link to: ‘Practical Advice for Parents’

Phonics Videos

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 SET 1  m, a, s, d i, n, d, p  g, o, c, k  b, u, f, e  h, l, r, sh  j, v, y, w  z, ch, th  qu, x, ng, nk             
 SET 2 ay  ee igh  ow  oo (zoo)  oo (look)  ar  or   air ir ou oy ea oi
 SET 3 a-e  i-e o-e  u-e  aw ur   er ow   ai   oa  ew   ire   ure   are 


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 Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement  Term by term progress guide
English Policy  
Useful Websites
Oxford University Press website with links to read write inc information and resources.
This is the main website of Ruth Miskin who wrote the Read Write Inc programme. It includes very useful videos and links to provide support and advice to  parents on a range of questions you may have – including helping your child with their phonics.