We are about to begin working towards the UKLA/OU quality mark for Reading for Pleasure - details can be access here.

We sent out a reading questionnaire to parents to find out about the reading environment at home and how we can help support parents create a supportive reading environment.  Here are your responses and how we intend to support:



You spoke and we listened!


50% of responding families said they were members of the local library but most visited rarely or never.  To support with this, Miss Woodhouse is making links with the Dawley Library to find out how we can give children and families more links with the local library.


Reading materials that children had least access to in the home were poetry books and newspapers.  In response, we are looking at setting up a lending library which is easily accessible to give children access to extra reading materials which they can browse with parents to include poetry and newspapers as well as other reading materials.

Reading, and developing a love of reading, is paramount at Dawley Academy.  Our well-stocked library, as well as class reading corners, give our children access to a wide variety of texts.  We teach Guided Reading using VIPERS skills across Key Stages 1 and 2, ensuring that our children are equipped with all the necessary skills to become confident, competent readers.  We endorse reading for pleasure at the Academy, believing that good readers make good writers; a successful reader can apply their reading skills in everything that they do.   

 To promote a love of reading, stories, books and all things literary, Dawley Academy takes part in a number of events including:

National Storytelling Week

World Book Day

Ready Steady Listen – a listenathon for our Nursery children

Ready Steady Read – a readathon for EYFS up to Year 6

Author Visits

School Library Class Visits

Local Library Visits

Pyjamarama Day (Reading for Pleasure Day)




We use Read Write Inc for our phonics development and early reading support (click here to go to our phonics page).

 We have a well-stocked Academy library which children visit regularly to change and borrow books, as well as using them for research, topic-based work and author focuses.  The books have been chosen by talking to the children and basing the selection on their own interests.

We also have a variety of volunteers who give up their time to come in and listen to our pupils read. We are always looking for parent volunteers so if you are interested please contact the Academy office.
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Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

English Policy

     National Reading Standards
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KS1 Reading Vipers KS2 Reading Vipers


Reading for pleasure enhances the educational performance of children.  Studies show that children who read for pleasure daily have a broader vocabulary, an increased general knowledge and a better understanding of other cultures, as well as, of course, performing better in reading tests.

Evidence shows that children who read for pleasure do better in life no matter their social or economic background.

Reading is a skill that will benefit our children for life.


The importance of parents in encouraging this is more powerful even than that of their teachers.  Reading and a love of books can begin before a child sets foot in a school, and supporting this is one of the most powerful things a parent can do to set their child up for life.

Supporting parents with fostering a love of reading is something we are passionate about.


The Literacy Company has created a Reading Spine for parents, which lists ten books or authors that every child at that stage should read.  Discuss books with your child, read together and encourage a culture of reading for pleasure at home.


‘Support for Parents – Hearing Your Child Read’ (click this link)   

An instructional video and model to support parents hearing children read at home.

EYFS / KS1 Letter   KS2 Letter Parent Booklet  Parent Booklet - set 2 and 3 sounds 




Support with Nursery and Early Years Reading

 At Dawley Academy we see the partnership between school and home as paramount in supporting children’s reading.  As a team, we can work together to best support your child and build strong foundations for a successful future.


The National Literacy Trust offers guidance for children from birth onwards, encouraging “Words for Life” with guidance ranging from birth, detailing milestones and giving activities to support parents, all the way up to 12 years of age.


0 – 6 months

6 – 12 months

1 – 2 years

3 – 4 years

5 – 8 years

9 – 12 years


 Below are links to recommended reading lists for each of the year groups, 1-6.



These are some websites parents can use to play games, find reading material and online books, and explore other activities for supporting reading at home to give your child the best foundation for learning for life.

Every Child Should Read
Oxford Owl
TopmarksSearch for education help
ICT Games Online learning games
Starfall Early reading
Little Animals Activities Learning games
Roy the Zebra Interactive reading games
Key Stage 1 BBC KS1 bite-size learning
Key Stage 2 BBC KS2 bite-size learning 

We want to grow a life-long love for books at Dawley.

Each classroom has a welcoming and well stocked library area which is added to regularly using pupil voice and age appropriate selected books.
Children have access to First News, which is a weekly newspaper aimed at children.